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Story of a passion: pesto sauce.

La Gallinara was created in 1986 as a workshop for the artisanal production of pesto sauce.

I am Marco the one who took the reins.

With passion, dedication and innovation, I was supported by the Research and Development department and through experimentation, I carefully selected the raw materials, where I specialized in sauces, pestos with the perfect balance between the artisan flavours and industrial production.

La Gallinara exports its preserved food to Europe and tall over the world, including China and Japan.

team La Gallinara
porta de La Gallinara
produzione La Gallinara
produzione pesto La Gallinara
vasetti vuoti
vaso e macchinario
riempimento vasetti pesto La Gallinara
vasetti pieni pesto La Gallinara
vasetti senza etichetta La Gallinara
etichette pesto La Gallinara
pesto al limone La Gallinara
scatola vasetti La Gallinara